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... I really enjoyed all your stories (both fact and fiction) about the city's history and people.
Peter Smith, UK

...I appreciated the fact that you let me set the pace for touring instead of trying to keep to your own schedule. It made the day much more relaxing for me and also gave me the opportunity to hear more of your stories of the city and what it was like to live under communist rule.
Stewart White, USA

...Words cannot describe how valuable my trip to Krakow was. Your outstanding/unbelievable knowledge and excellent ability to communicate it was an essential part of making the trip the success it was.
Mark Haber, Australia

...I shall never forget being guided by you for two days within and around Krakow. You are extremely pleasant, knowledgeable, and wonderful. I cannot think of a better way to be introduced to the cultural, historical, and architectural beauty of Krakow.
Barry Traub, USA

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Chatting with Peni Thunen over lunch - Summer 2005

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... If you go home with the feeling that you must come back for more; with a feeling of admiration for the majesty of European history and culture; with a feeling of having in some small way touched a part of your soul; if you go back with a feeling of love for Krakow, then I consider my job well done.
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